BTSValidation is Your Ultimate Testing Solution

A cloud-based application that supports Software/Hardware Testing, SAP Testing, Quality Assurance Testing, Validation and Verification Testing, Unit, UAT, Ad Hoc Testing, and more.

BTSValidation was created with you in mind

Digital Transformation

Streamline your processes to eliminate tedious tasks, freeing corporate workers to focus on higher value work.

Test Features

Proper test execution leads to reliable results and improve required documentation.


Reusable templates ensures you establish a high degree of efficiency eliminating the need to start from scratch. supports

Process Validation

Validate process requirements by creating test templates then, run validation test, get results and repeat test as necessary.

Software Validation

Take users requirements, create test templates, execute test and review results. Results are cross referenced to actual test line and requirement.

Software Development

Use in Waterfall, Agile or any project environment. Software developers can now deliver better code to clients.

SAP Installation

Optimize your daily testing requirements to Standard and Ad Hoc processes, globally.


BTSValidation offers a centralized location where engineers, testers, quality personnel and management can maximize the V & V process, no matter where they are located.

Some of the Industries We Serve

Medical Device

Embedded software in medical devices must be validated and verified to reduce public health risks


Biomedical engineers continue to develop a number of life-enhancing and life-saving technologies with the use of software components


Effective validation contributes significantly to assuring drug quality

Clinical Laboratories

Proper data collection is crucial to a successful quality system in clinical laboratories and clinical research

Medical Software

Federal regulations recommend that software validation and verification activities be conducted throughout the entire software life cycle

Life Sciences

Remarkable progress in the field of medicine is leading to new discoveries that need to meet strict regulatory standards

"Our clients invest in safeguards that improve on their current quality systems. Our BTSValidation application helps clients validate any software or hardware implementation as an integral part of delivering a safe product or service to their customers." -Tim Busch, Chief Software Architect

Faster Validation and Verification Testing


Enter user requirements: This application allows for software and hardware validation. An engineer can enter requirements based on specifications and test create templates.

Create test template: Engineers no longer have to start from scratch when creating test templates. An engineer can create a test template to do line by line testing.

Execute test: An authorized user can take test and record findings.

Quality review: Critical lines and non-compliant lines can be addressed to make final decisions.

Generate report: The report contains cross references of test lines to their requirements and provides a Pass or Fail result. Print or save the test results.

The final report contains a cross reference of test line to its actual requirement and provides a Pass or Fail result per test line. This ensures traceability through entire test. It has never been this easy to show proof of proper validation & verification testing to management, finance or regulatory departments.


More Features


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  • Full User: A full user is an individual with full access to most forms within their database. This user can create companies, projects, requirements, test templates and make final decisions on non-conforming lines. Examples of such individuals would be engineers, quality control personnel or authorized technicians.

  • Tester: A tester is an individual such as a technician, engineer or production personnel that actually performs the test. A tester would not interact with the test templates, requirements or analytics. This individual is responsible to execute the test and record results.

  • Administrator: Each subscription to comes with a special type of full user during their default setup. At default the account holder is the special user. This special user is called the administrator. This administrator has access to add other administrators, users, and have access to all forms.

  • Display Only: A display only setup is for individuals that do not interact with the system but need to see in the system from time to time. They could be external auditors, senior managers, or regulatory agents.

  • Ticket Support: Once a client is setup on they can send ticket items using our FEEDBACK feature. This FEEDBACK button acts as a help desk system for faster support.

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